Gemini Suite Live

Recensione di Valerie Potter

Strange to think, with the subsequent blossoming of certain colleagues’ egos, that, following his early orchestral experiments, Jon Lord was once considered leader of Deep Purple. The others, unhappy at being perceived as a classical/rock fusion band, only agreed to perform his 1970 Gemini Suite once, so Lord recorded it as solo project a year later.

RPM have done sterling work in packaging the previously unreleased live tapes with extensive and authoritative sleevenotes and archive photographs, to produce what is truly a collector’s item.

Twenty-three years later, the marriage of orchestra and band is an uneasy one, the latter sounding somewhat overwhelmed and self-conscious. However, as a testimony to Lord’s considerable compositional talent, it prompts speculation on what might have been, had he left Purple to pursue his own musical inclinations.

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Recensione di Valerie Potter
Strange to think, with the subsequent blossoming of certain......