Deep Purple a Milano 1999

Recensione di Carlo Alberto Migliazza Deep Purple Made In Italy

MILANO – IDROSCALO – 16.07.99 The boys are back in town! That’s the very important thing. We hope the boys come back in every town for next 30 years.

Idroscalo Opena Air Space is a place where, in the second world war, waterplane may “land”. Not very big stage.

The fans cry for DP from 07.00 PM but (remember California Jam) must be a Black Night when DP come out to play. This is the third show of Abandon Tour I’ve seen.

Set list:

  • THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN: Nice riff to start.
  • PICTURES OF HOME: This song, thanks to Steve, it’s ever better. TED: I like a lot this, but not this time. It’s very cold. Not like when in Nov.98 in Chalon S/Saone FRA They start with the same.
  • STRANGE…: Big job from the boys. But in this song we can understand that IG, the big IG, is not in a good night.
  • BLOODSUCKER: Every time I like this more than ever. Much more in Steve version that in Rithcie version. Paicey pumping a lot of. 69 (includ. The Mule): in my reviews of June 98 – Turin – I’ve write that it lack , for me, 69 and Sometimes…. Here they are. The band have placed this two songs in this second part of world Abandon Tour. The riff Steve use for 69 is very, very, very better than on CD and transfrom this track. A lot of fans don’t sing, maybe they don’t know this new piece!!!!
  • WOMAN FROM TOKYO: Classic .
  • WATCHING THE SKY: It’s a great song. Soft and hard in the meantime.
  • SPACE TRUCKIN’: Great performance of the band, even IG. Long versione with SM solo.
  • LAZY: Jon Lord start play Hammond and all the people understand (or hope) he’s playing Lazy.
  • SM SOLO: In this time the other 4 members, older than SM, take time-out, for the second part of the show. SM solo is very amazing.
  • SMOKE …: Historical piece. Can’t never lack in a show, even if I don’t like listen that out of the show. But when SM start, after introduce a lot of historical riff, all the people, and me, obviously, start “We all came…”
  • JON LORD SOLO: What a pitty don’t have see a performance of JL in the “Pictured Within Tour”. I hope that, after the end of the Great Worl Abandon Tour JL come back in Europe with his solo CD.
  • PERFECT STRANGERS: At the starting touch on the Hammond, with the bass in second time, new cryes from the crowd.
  • SPEED KING: Great great great great great great great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At this point IG vocie is better and the show is going well.
  • RG SOLO and IP SOLO: Never seen (not in Pictures…), RG solo. Good job Roger. Also Little Ian ( a lot of years old) play with only one hand!!!!!!!


  • BLACK NIGHT: It’s from the start of the show that the crowd cry for this. Finally here it is.
  • HIGHWAY STAR: Once They start with HS, now They end with.

What I have to say. SM is very introduced in this band and I like this. After an year of tour He is singing all the tracks played. I think this was’nt a very big show, but it’s a DP show and I like it.

I regret that They take off some tracks like Fingers to the bone – Almost Human – Seventh Heaven. For the next Tour I hope They will perform a big number of new songs and, for the historicals, two possibility: A) A longer show!!!! (not possible) B) A change of the set list every ten dates!!!.

But, very important, tonight I don’t sleep afraid. I will see Them also within two days in Pontoglio. Surely with my big friend Gianfranco GBPURPLE, like tonight. Two crazy guys (85 years in two ).

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